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SEO Options for B2B Suppliers

We know B2BDD is not the only game in town when it comes to website development and digital marketing management, so we’ve comprised the list of questions below to ask when choosing a new digital marketing partner.

If you answer “NO” to any of these, give us a call to discuss how partnering with B2BDD will improve your SEO results and overall experience.

  • Does your SEO vendor allow you to have a voice in your strategy?
  • Do you have flexibility/customization options within your SEO strategy?
  • Is your SEO vendor experienced with B2B marketing?
  • Are you provided with real-time website reports that I understand?
    • Can you request new metrics to track?
  • Are yourwebsite updates fast and accurate?
  • Does your SEO vendor provide and explain tech and performance audits of your website?

What is SEO?

To boil down a very complex/moving target – SEO is the science of aligning your website code and content with the best practices Google has outlined for “High Authority” websites.  Google is constantly changing their definition of ‘best practices’ to keep up with technology updates and/or human preferences, therefore the strategy of ‘optimizing’ your website to keep up with the changes is rewarded with higher rankings in Google results.
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What is a “High Authority Website”?

High authority websites are those that both Google’s human reviewers and artificial intelligence (a.k.a. the “Google algorithm”) determine to be ‘high authority’.  The massive number of data points that factor into the final ‘score’ and universal acceptance of Google’s authority essentially render an otherwise subjective metric to be accepted as nearly objective.

SEO starts with a Tech Audit

Effective SEO should always start with a technology audit of your website to determine what Google does or doesn’t like about your website’s framework.  Many companies have websites that are penalized by Google for their framework and will never reach full SEO potential no matter how much effort you focus on content and keywords.  

Google Loves “Rich” Content

Google’s job is to provide people with the best results to answer their search query.  A page full of keywords is not going to impress anyone who Google sends to the page, but a well-researched article, written by a human that references other high authority resources will capture their attention and prove to Google that you deserve to earn their top rankings. 

SEO must be flexible

Many SEO vendors have a standard  offering they sell to every client regardless of their needs, but rarely do two companies have the same needs and are in the same evolution of their digital strategy, so a one-size-fits-all approach is doomed to fail.  Furthermore, Google updates its algorithm between 500-600 times per year, so how can a solution established on Jan 1st still be valid on Dec. 31st??

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