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B2B Digital Solutions Portfolio – New Vista Corp.

Company Overview: New Vista Corp., a trailblazer in custom thread verification machine solutions, partnered with B2B Digital Solutions to elevate its online presence and showcase its diverse capabilities through an e-commerce-enabled website. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, New Vista Corp specializes in delivering cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions to meet a wide range of industrial needs.

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Challenges and Objectives: New Vista Corp sought a revamped digital platform that not only simplified the user experience but also effectively communicated the versatility of their custom machines. The goal was to create a website that not only showcased product features but also engaged customers through an interactive video gallery.

Our Solution:

  • E-commerce Enabled Website – B2B Digital Solutions designed and developed a user-friendly website that goes beyond traditional e-commerce. The platform is carefully organized to allow customers to choose solutions based on their specific needs rather than just product features.
  • Interactive Video GalleryA standout feature of the new website is the interactive video gallery. Customers can explore and witness the capabilities of New Vista Corp’s custom machines in action. This engaging visual component adds a dynamic and immersive element to the user experience.

Key Website Features:

  • WooCommerce IntegrationB2B Digital Solutions seamlessly integrated the WooCommerce plugin, including comprehensive product line organization, descriptions, images, pricing, and discounts.
  • Payment Processor SetupB2B Digital Solutions ensured a secure and compliant payment processing setup, in line with all e-commerce regulations.
  • Shipping CalculatorThe website features a customized shipping calculator, providing accurate shipping cost calculations based on the type of shipping, whether parcel or truckload.
  • Tax CalculationsPrecise tax calculations are incorporated, accounting for both state regulations and New Vista Corp’s non-profit status.
  • Responsive DesignThe website is fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing across various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Best PracticesB2B Digital Solutions adheres to the latest web standards and technology, aligning the website with current best practices for an enhanced user experience.
  • Custom DesignThe website is custom-designed from scratch, incorporating New Vista Corp’s input and approval to reflect the uniqueness of their brand.

Ongoing Digital Marketing Solutions:

  • Google Ads ManagementB2B Digital Solutions actively monitors and adjusts Google Ads programs for optimum exposure, pricing, click-through rates, rankings, and conversions. Keyword and ad additions/removals are performed as needed.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter BlastsB2B Digital Solutions handles the creation and distribution of monthly e-newsletters, ensuring consistent and engaging communication with New Vista Corp’s audience.
  • Managed Hosting + WordPress Security PlatformB2B Digital Solutions implemented a robust hosting solution with a focus on performance, security, and reliability, including a global content delivery network (CDN), web application firewall, email deliverability optimization, WordPress security, and regular backups.
  • Advanced Website Health and Intelligence Analytics ReportingMonthly reports include search engine keyword tracking and activity summaries, providing valuable insights into website performance.

Outcome: The collaborative effort between New Vista Corp and B2B Digital Solutions resulted in a cutting-edge e-commerce platform that not only streamlined the customer journey but also effectively showcased the diverse capabilities of New Vista Corp’s custom machines. The ongoing digital marketing solutions provided by B2B Digital Solutions continue to drive visibility, engagement, and growth for New Vista Corp in the digital landscape.

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