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B2B Digital Solutions Portfolio – Benton Foundry

Overview: B2B Digital Solutions proudly features Benton Foundry in its portfolio, showcasing a seamless collaboration in web development and ongoing digital marketing services. As the architects of Benton Foundry’s digital presence, B2B Digital Solutions continues to provide innovative solutions to enhance their online engagement and industry visibility.

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Digital Services Provided:

  1. Quarterly Newsletter Management: B2B Digital Solutions takes charge of Benton Foundry’s quarterly newsletter management. This comprehensive service includes the population of the Meltminder newsletter directly into the website, ensuring an enjoyable and accessible online experience for their audience. This strategic approach fosters consistent communication and brand engagement.
  2. Social Media Management: Benton Foundry benefits from B2B Digital Solutions’s expertise in social media management, particularly on Facebook. Regular posting with original content ensures a dynamic and engaging presence on social platforms, amplifying Benton Foundry’s reach and industry influence.
  3. High-Speed, High-Security Managed Website Hosting: B2B Digital Solutions ensures Benton Foundry’s online platform operates at peak performance with high-speed, high-security managed website hosting. This foundational service guarantees a swift and secure user experience for visitors, emphasizing the importance of online reliability.
  4. Ongoing Priority Website Edits: Benton Foundry experiences the advantage of B2B Digital Solutions’s responsive approach to website edits. Ongoing, on-demand, priority website edits allow for timely updates and adjustments, ensuring the website stays current with the latest offerings and industry trends.

Conclusion: Benton Foundry’s digital journey is intricately shaped by the collaborative efforts of B2B Digital Solutions. From the development of their website to the ongoing digital marketing strategies, this partnership signifies a commitment to digital excellence. Through a combination of strategic communication, engaging social media presence, and reliable website management, B2B Digital Solutions continues to empower Benton Foundry in making a lasting impact in the digital realm of the industry.


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